The Carefree Days

1948 to1968

Mom and Dad in 1957

Mom (21 yrs.) and David (0.5 yrs.) in 1949

Mom (80 yrs.) and David (59 yrs.) in 2007
When I close my eyes and ponder my youth, I have heart warming thoughts of my mom and dad, as seen here in around 1955 when they were about 28 yrs. old. Life for me started in 1948 in Compton, CA. However, most of my youth was expended in San Pedro, CA. My mom is 80 years old now and when I visit her, we sit in the same living room that is shown in the photo at top. Of course, the blonde furniture has been replaced. But nothing can replace the memories of growing up in that house. To me, those were the care free days where I was fed, cared for and even tucked into bed. It was great. Now, don't get me wrong, there were bad times too, but that's a valuable part of life also. But no matter, back then I didn't have as many cares in the world as I do today.

Virginia, David and Andy in about 1952

Carefree Days Photo Album

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