David Edward Soria-Ortega

Born: January 25, 1975
Silas B. Hayes Army Hospital
Fort Ord, California

Died: December 16, 2002
Redlands, California


Somewhere in my dreams tonight
I'll see you standing there
You look at me with a smile
"Life isn't always fair"

You say you were chosen for his garden
His preciously hand picked bouquet
"God really needed me,
That's why I couldn't stay"

It's said to be that angels
Are sent from above
I've always had my angel
My son - whose heart was filled with love

Wherever the ocean meets the sky
There will be memories of you and I
When I look up at that sky so blue
All I see are visions of you

"While there's a heart in me,
you'll be a part of me." 

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