David Ortega Jr.
Born: February 28, 1967
San Pedro Community Hospital
San Pedro, California

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 When God Created Peace Officers......
Dressed to Harrass........
February 1970
Dressed to Harrass in
Fort Ord, CA

Sometime in January 2007
Dressed to Protect in
Torrance, CA

Here is a pic of our new labrador retriever pup "Coco". Apparently, Andy decided that the pup's temporary home was suitable for him as well. Even now he will get in the dog's permanent plastic home and refuses to come out! - David Ortega Jr.

Andy also took up boxing as a new endeavor. He practices daily on anyone willing to stick their chins out for him. This was one of those "gotta have it" kind of items at the swapmeet. He got a lot of attention walking around wearing those gloves. - David Ortega Jr.